Isla’s Star – 29 July 2010

Isla has her very own star. Tanya’s colleagues at the Disabilities Services Commission organised the naming of her star with the International Star Registry. The name has been registered with the US Copyright Office in Washington DC and held in the ISR’s vault in Switzerland.

Isla’s star, called Isla Elson Donegan, is easy to locate – while not visible with the naked eye it is just to the left of the lower star (Acrux) in the Crux constellation (the Southern Cross). Its precise coordinates are Right Ascension 12h29m2.82s and Declination -62°54’38.04”.

This amazing gift has given us great comfort. Her star is, in a way, symbolic of the idea that Isla is now part of something far greater than we will ever understand. But when we look up at the night sky she is easy to find.

Isla's Star

Crux-20100220 2

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