Dear friends,

We are so sorry to write to you with sad news.  An email is very inadequate, but we hope you will understand.

Isla died early on Friday morning. She went very peacefully and she died in our arms. For the last six months she has been wonderful, healthy and very happy. On Monday morning she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia which came on very suddenly. For a few days it looked like she would be okay, but on Thursday night her little body gave up and she began to let go. We lay with her in bed through the night and told her how much we loved her. And then she passed away, quietly and in peace.

We are so grateful for the love and care that Isla has been surrounded by all throughout her life from so many people, right up to such wonderful and far-reaching support for her sensory garden.  We will make a very special memory garden now, and Isla will always live on in our hearts and thoughts.

Please give your children an extra big hug today.

With love,
Tanya and Luke


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  • I know you don’t know me… I just saw this link through Carrie Young’s fb post… but thank you for sharing your angel girl with us… makes me realise how precious life is… whenever you see a rainbow you will know Isla is smiling down on you… off to hug my own little darlings extra big now.

  • Bree Harmsen

    Deepest sympathies to you Tanya, and Luke and Sabine. I was devastated to hear you news, it came as a shock i must admit after how well she has been, but i take comfort in remebering what a gorgeous girl Isla was, and how happy and content she seemed the last time i visited. Take care of each other and know my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time. xoxoxo

  • Bec Duane

    Dear Tanya, Luke & Sabine. You definitely don’t know me but I had heard about your precious Isla & saw your link on FB with Carrie Young. Thank you for a beautiful website & I am so sorry to hear of your terrible loss. It certainly sounds like she has touched many hearts. Take care of yourselves & know that you are in my thoughts & prayers at this very sad time. Kind regards, Bec

  • Kate Akerman

    Dear Luke, Tanya, Sabine and all your family, so sorry to hear and read of Isla’s departure. Although I haven’t seen Isla in person for some time, it has been wonderful to keep track with the beautiful photographs and loving notes on your website. Your families experience touches us all and reminds us of what is really important in each of our lives. Our thoughts are with you, with love, Kate, Joe, Eve and Annie (we will all be sharing a big group hug in memory of Isla tonight.)

  • Simone Bastin

    The magic of Isla …

    She came to the world with the brightest little eyes.
    Smiling, happy, she reach for the skies.
    Two beautiful parents, she had the world at her feet;
    When you looked at her face, your heart skipped a beat.

    Some pink in her cheeks, her curly soft hair;
    So gentle and cherished with a little cheeky flair
    Big sis’ to Sabine, she loved her sweet touch;
    And surrounded by friends who loved her so much.

    But fate dealt her a hand and no body knew;
    Such a devastating blow, how could it be true;
    We hoped, we wished, we dreamed, we prayed;
    In desperation to stop that hand being played.

    Her last breath was made on a cold morning in June,
    For those left behind, it was still way too soon;
    It felt like the world had just lost its spark;
    Because Isla had left such an incredible mark.

    But the glow of her spirit will stay with us all
    The legacy of love, from someone so small;
    Her amazing parents, having to bear so much pain;
    Still glowing with love, hiding the incredible strain.

    Its a lesson for me in cherishing all that I have;
    Hugging my children, holding their hands;
    Grateful for each day I see their life unfold;
    Measuring my grumbles with big pinch of salt.

    Thank you Isla, you taught me so much;
    Your life is a legacy for many you’ve touched;
    Thank you to Tanya and Luke for sharing her too.
    May peace and happy memories come swiftly to you.

    My love and wishes … Simone.

  • Myra Agnew

    To all of Isla’s nearest and dearest, our deepest and heartfelt sympathy. We know of you, by being Lisa and Rob’s neighbours. We can only imagine but probably never fully comprehend, what the last couple of years have been like. I remember the delightful photos at your fundraiser in Fremantle. You devoted your lives to your beautiful girls and you could not have done more. We send our love and trust you can find peace. Myra

  • To Tania,Luke,Sabine and extended families,
    Our most sincere sympathy to you all at this very sad time.
    You have all shown so much strength,love and devotion to your little angel Isla.
    She was very blessed to have had such a warm loving family around her and she will no doubt be watching over all of you from above.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Rob and Yvonne Elvish (Rob and Lisa’s siter and brother-in-law)

  • Marcus Good

    Luke, Tanya and Sabine,

    I have only just heard of Isla’s passing; Xanthi and I send our most heartfelt condolences and sorrow to your family. Isla was a ray of sunshine, and like the light, changed whatever she touched forever, leaving a mark that may not be easily seen, but is always felt after.


  • Henk and Wilma

    Dear Tanya, Luke and Sabine.
    We send you our love and our sincere condolences. What wonderful, loving caring parents you have been to your children. We are so sorry for your loss. We will be thinking of you all this week as you prepare to say farewell to Isla.

    Love Henk and Wilma Piller

  • Holly Cameron

    Dear Tanya, Luke and Sabine

    It was with great sadness that I heard about Isla’s passing, and my heart breaks for you. I can’t begin to imagine how upside down your world must feel without your gorgeous brave girl around anymore.
    I feel so privileged to have met you and Isla, however briefly. All the children I meet leave a lasting impression, but not many have affected me in the way that Isla did. You guys are a truly amazing family, something very special indeed.
    My heart hangs heavy for you and Isla is in my thoughts, as I’m sure she always will be.


  • Lisa Clancy

    Dear Luke, Tanya & Sabine

    My love and thoughts go out to you all, and your families on the pasing of your beautiful Isla. I’m a friend of Perry & Jodi Collier, and Jodi rang me with the sad news. Jodi would keep me regularly updated with Isla and your family, and you would all be im my thought quite often. I remember meeting Isla only the once, she would of been about 18 months old I think. I came to your house to give something to Perry as he was staying with you at the time. I remember walking into your family room and seeing Isla on the rug, and I was taken away by her beauty – that beautiful curly hair of hers – what a stunning little girl! I remember saying to Luke “Can I go and get my husband to come in and meet Isla?” (he was waiting in the car). I still recall Paul saying to me after he met Isla and we were back in our car – he said “That little girl is just beautiful” We have often talked about Isla and that day that we met her – it always brings a smile to my face, its a lovely memory of her. Take care, and i’m sure you have many wonderful memories of Isla to enjoy.


  • Gary & Nicola Dunne


    I was at the GSHS reunion last week and bumped into Karen Schmidt, who informed me of the sad news of Isla’s passing away. You, Tanya and Sabine have our sincerest condolences for your loss. It was great to catch up with you last year and meet Isla. It was obvious how much you cared for her and I’m sure she lived the best life that was possible under the circumstances. I’ll likely be in Perth again in May 2011, so it would be great to catch up again then. In the meantime, take care.

    Gary & Nicola

  • Lyzzy Hanjina

    Dear Tanya, Luke, Sabine and Sasha,

    1 year.
    We can’t begin to imagine the grief and sadness you’ve suffered over the last year. All I can say is our love and prayers are with you, especially this day.
    Looking at the photos of your beautiful girl bring tears and a smile.
    She was so gorgeous, as everyone who ever met her knows.

    Love Lyzzy, Michael and Alexander

  • Ethan Gettman

    My dear Luke and Tanya,

    I haven’t spoken with you all for a couple of years and haven’t seen you since your wedding, but I just found out the news on this otherwise peaceful Monday evening back in Boston — and I am just completely floored. I honestly could not believe what I was reading for the first few minutes. It was like a dream. I wish I could have been near by to have offered any support.

    Our dearest sympathy and love from our family to yours.

    Ethan, Grace, Nathaniel and Elliot

  • graeme crowther

    dear luke and tanya i am very sorry isla died pleaese accept my condolencses love from graeme

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