Isla’s Sunflowers – 16 April 2010

A few weeks ago Isla’s great uncle Nick took some photos of Isla and Sabine and entered them into a competition organised by Therapy Focus. The Symphony of Sunflowers is an event that recognises children with disabilities and encourages people to plant sunflowers in recognition of the inclusion of all children.

Nick called us last week and was very excited to tell us that one of his photos had won the ‘best activity’ category of the competition. You can read about the competition here:

At Garden Week Nick was presented with two vouchers, one for $750 of soil conditioners, mulch and soil wetters from Richgro, and the other for $250 of plants from Waldecks. Nick donated these vouchers to Isla. We are currently planning a ‘sensory garden’ for the front of our house which we will fill with scented and textured plants for Isla to enjoy. These vouchers will go towards that project. Uncle Nick’s wonderful gift (and photography skills!) will help us to create Isla’s garden. We’ll keep you posted as it grows.


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