Isla’s School – 21 March 2010

We are so excited that Isla has started school! She attends kindy two days a week at Carson Street School in East Vic Park. This is a local primary school for children with special needs. It has nurses and therapists on staff and all the equipment needed to support children with communication and mobility difficulties.

Isla has four classmates and four teachers in her room. Her teachers are wonderful at finding ways of including Isla in all the classroom activities so that she gets lots of sensory stimulation. Each morning Isla has a swim in the school’s hydrotherapy pool. This is great for her health and her circulation, and it’s also a lot of fun. On Thursdays she has Phys Ed with Mr P who we think she has a crush on because she always has lots of smiles during that session. Whereas each time the class starts an English lesson, Isla falls asleep.

We are overjoyed with Carson Street. We never thought Isla would have the experience of going to school and being in a class with her peers. Her life has opened up, her horizons broadened in ways unexpected but greatly welcomed.

3 comments to Isla’s School – 21 March 2010

  • The Pascoes

    Isla you flirt !

    Great to hear you are enjoying school. We think of you every time we drive down Berwick St., past Carson St.


  • Glenn and Lynda

    Fantastic to hear that Isla is enjoying school so much – love the email updates also.

    Glenn and Lyn

  • Simone B

    Hey Isla, I thought Lachy was your boyfriend since you gave him so many smiles at our last visit!!!!
    So great to be able to see the updates. Great site, beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing! All the best for National Batten Disease awareness day tomorrow – hope that more research can be done. Thinking of you. The Bastin family …

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