Isla’s new website – 27 February 2010

Sorry it’s been such a long time since our last update. We have taken the opportunity in the meantime to update Isla’s website.  Now we can write blog entries from home, so it will no longer be so long between posts.

We’d like to thank Peter Herrington for the amazing work he did setting up Isla’s original website, and David Pascoe for creating the new look and showing us how to use Windows Live Writer.  The website not only enables us to let people know how Isla is;  it has also put us in contact with other families in similar circumstances, and this has been a great privilege.

Isla has been doing very well lately, lots of smiling and laughing. And there have been a couple of major changes in her life – good ones – which we will tell you about in subsequent posts.

If you’d like to be notified when new updates are posted on Isla’ site, just enter your details at ‘Get Updates By Email’ on the homepage. Posts will then go directly to your inbox when they are published.

Best wishes,

Luke and Tanya, Isla and Sabine

1 comment to Isla’s new website – 27 February 2010

  • Loryn Green

    Hi Tanya, Luke, Isla & Sabine
    Great to see your new website; I had been wondering how Isla has been going. Look forward to hearing of the good changes in her life; I will sign up to your email updates.
    Love from Loryn & Lynne in Albany

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