3 December 2008

Isla has started a special new anti-seizure medication from Japan. While her seizures haven’t lessened, Isla does seem more at ease generally. She is also sleeping better – last night she slept through the whole night, for the first time in a year! Isla’s PEG (gastrostomy) is still going really well. She uses it for all her meals and medication, and it is much easier on her this way. Isla’s external feeding tube which dangles from her tummy will be replaced in January with a low profile valve that will sit flat on her tummy. It won’t be visible through her clothes, and won’t be tempting for Sabine to try to pull on like the one she has now!

Thanks to funding from the Disability Service’s Commission’s Community Aids and Equipment Program and also from DSC’s Local Area Coordination, Isla has a great new Kimba stroller with a super adjustable and supportive seat. It also has a buggy board attachment that Sabine can ride on when she is a little older. The stroller means Isla has a comfortable seat now that she can take anywhere, and she has even tried out a couple of naps in it. Isla’s playgroup has purchased a groovy mauve beanbag that she can stretch out and relax in. She has test-driven it with some more napping, and it has proven so comfy that we bought one for Isla to use at Ngala daycare as well.

We are really looking forward to Isla and Sabine sharing their first Christmas together soon. They have been very good this year so no doubt Santa will be making a stop at our house.

Merry Christmas and our warmest thanks to everyone who has supported Isla in so many wonderful ways.

Wishing you the best of everything in 2009.



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