16 July 2008

Isla had an eyesight assessment last week. Her test result wasn’t the best news, although it was pretty much what Luke and I expected. She has some peripheral vision, mainly light and shade and high contrast objects and images, but probably not any detail. It doesn’t look like she has central vision now.

We are feeling very sad for her. Sight is such a primary sense, and one that Isla got a lot of stimulation through, so it is quite hard coming to terms with her losing it. I keep reminding myself though that it is happening gradually and so Isla is adjusting to it as it happens, and that just because we have this news now Isla’s world hasn’t suddenly changed overnight.

We were given lots of useful strategies about how to help Isla, like always using her name to address her, describing everything we’re doing, telling her who we are, and where we are, and having lots of tactile play. Things we were trying to do anyway, but good to have the clear reminder.

In the meantime she’s the same darling girl today that she was yesterday and that’s what matters.


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