17 June 2008

Carrie Young takes amazing natural light photographs of children and families. Carrie heard about Isla and came and took some gorgeous photos of Isla and Sabine recently. You can see some of them on Carrie’s blog at:


More of Carrie’s work can be seen on her website www.carrieyoung.com. Carrie’s blog is a great read and gives an idea of the talented and special person she is.  

I had a dream about Isla the other night. In the dream Isla was all grown up, she was a young woman, very much like Tanya but with long golden hair. She was tall and elegant and achingly beautiful. It was a lovely dream, but it threw into stark relief everything that Isla is going to miss out on in her life, and everything that Tanya and I and Sabine will not experience with Isla. This is why Tanya and I force ourselves not to think about the future and only to focus on the wonderful here and now with our girls. But those dreams have a way of sneaking up on you. Isla has been taking her anti-seizure medication for about a week now, still on a low dose and working slowly up to a full dose in a couple of weeks time. This week I have only seen a couple of small seizures, whereas they were coming about five or six times a day before. Her sleep has also been fantastic the last few days. Its early to tell but hopefully the medication is doing some good.


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