20 May 2008

Things are slowly getting back to normal now that the Isla Love Concert is over. We had a wonderful time and had some great feedback from everyone who went.

It was Isla’s second birthday last Saturday. She had a very busy day with a family celebration in the morning and a party with friends in the afternoon. She wasn’t feeling the best but she really picked up when her friends came over in the afternoon. Her friends sang happy birthday and helped her to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, and then everyone played pass the parcel. She received some great presents too.


Isla_bday_party_butterfly_cake_s Isla_bday_w_family_s

Although Isla finds it difficult to communicate and to engage with others, Tanya and I can see her mood change noticeably when her friends come around. She loves being with the other kids and they can transform the unhappiest of days into a great day for Isla.



In other news Isla is currently trying out a fully supportive armchair designed for children with disabilities. She thinks it is great and we hope to get one for her in the next couple of months.


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